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A.I. Collaborative

Learn generative A.I. skills with ongoing support, resources, and training from Rob and other knowledgable instructors. A new cohort will be opening soon. Join the free Discord server now to get notified. 

Develop your generative A.I. skills in a community of your peers.

The A.I. Collaborative is two things. First, a community of AI enthusiasts and practitioners, learning to apply generative AI together. Second, a coaching and mentorship program where I walk you through everything I’ve learned about generative A.I. after — quite literally — thousands of hours of experimentation.

What do I get when I participate?

My goal is to deliver significantly more value than your investment. When you participate in the collaborative, you’ll have access to the following benefits.

Monthly master classes

A monthly masterclass on a key area of generative A.I. — deep dives into things like prompting, LLMs, image models, etc.

Weekly office hours

Ask me anything, such as the nitty-gritty details of how to use a specific A.I. tool, big picture questions about A.I. ethics or philosophy, or how to develop an A.I. strategy for your church or ministry team

Private Discord community

Chat with me and your peers. Get real-time help and advice for using A.I. tools.

Curated news

Cutting through the noise and delivering you the most relevant, need-to-know updates in the world of A.I., with application for how it applies to ministry.

An ongoing swipe file

Access to code snippets, workflows, and prompts from real world projects that I’m actively working on, helping you get started with a project in a fraction of the time.

Exclusive content

Access content that I can’t share publicly, but would be willing to share with a smaller community that respects the craft and the technology.

More than a membership site.

There is no shortage of information about how to use A.I. tools. YouTube, Reddit, newsletters. If that was all you needed to succeed, a program like this wouldn’t be necessary.

You don’t need information. You need applied knowledge. The spirit behind this collaborative is to give you give you a chance to get ongoing support, resources, and training from me personally, in a community of like-minded peers. 

Get a behind the scenes look at how I use generative A.I. in real-world applications.

While the final curriculum will be shaped by those who participate, below are some of the topics that we’ll be covering throughout this six month collaborative.

Image generation

Develop your skills with A.I. image generation, discovering ways to leverage tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, Ideogram, and Stable Diffusion in your creative process.

Advanced LLM/GPT use

Refine your prompting strategies and workflow using tools such as ChatGPT and custom LLMs, including how to build advanced Custom GPTs with external actions.

Generative audio & video

Learn how I build A.I. powered podcasts and produced A.I. generated video content using tools such as Stable Audio, MusicLM, Runway, Pika, and Stable Video Diffusion.

Workflow automation

Assemble a team of A.I. powered assistants to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your workflow. Leverage no-code tools such as Make or Zapier, or build Python applications.

A.I. ethics & responsibility

Explore the legal and ethical questions around generative A.I., such as creators’ rights, intellectual property, disclosure, and learn how to use A.I. tools responsibly.


Your investment for this program is


Your one-time, up-front payment covers the entire six month program.
No auto-renewals, no nonsense.

If you’ve worked with me for any length of time, you know I’m committed to openly and freely sharing a lot of what I’ve learned with the A.I. community.

In order to provide the level of engagement and value that meets my own standards and expectations, and to make sure that this community is made up of folks who are serious about investing in their personal development and honing their skills with generative A.I., I can’t offer this for free.

So what’s the investment? For access to my coaching and mentorship program, I’m asking for an investment of $49/month.

That may sound steep, but honestly, that’s dirt cheap for what I hope you’re going to get out of this. My goal for this program is to deliver exponentially more value than what I’m charging for so you can feel comfortable jumping in.

I charge clients $150/hour for consulting time. I have clients on five-figure retainers. That’s not to brag — that’s just to anchor the incredible value of jumping in on this, and to make clear that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

The only reason I need to charge a fee for this is to make sure that I can dedicate the time to do it well, and to set the bar so only the most committed of you will participate. 

A new cohort will be starting soon. Join now to secure your spot.

If you’re interested in participating, jump into the AI Collaborative Discord server. You’ll get instant access to the community and dozens of free resources, and you’ll be the first to know when a new coaching cohort opens.

And yes. All of the images on this page were generated with A.I.