Josh Miller on leadership development, spiritual disciplines, and ministry training

Show Intro Over the past 18 months, I've had the privilege of serving with and learning from Josh Miller, a pastor at The Summit Church and Director of Assessment with The Summit Network. I've learned a ton from Josh and I'm stoked to have him on the show to share...


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Upcoming guests

Cam Triggs

Church Planting Resident at The Summit Network and pastor of Grace Alive, Orlando, FL.

Michael Schaffer

Youth Pastor at Duncannon Assembly of God and founder of @MemesForJesus.

Dr. Danny Akin

President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


On each episode of The Growing Pastor Podcast, I interview pastors and Christian leaders to share their stories of how God led them into ministry, as well as encouragement and advice to help you grow as a Christ follower, leader, and family man.


Dr. Danny Akin on missions, preaching, and pastoral ministry

Show Intro I was recently blessed to join Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Danny Akin on campus to share a Diet Coke and an encouraging conversation about missions, expository preaching, and how to grow as a young pastor.  In this interview, Dr. Akin...

Michael Schaffer on missions, youth ministry, and Memes for Jesus

Stream Now Listen & Subscribe iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher Show Intro This interview with Christian Memes/Memes for Jesus founder Michael Schaffer was two years in the making. I had originally reached out to him as part of a blog series that I was writing on young...

Cam Triggs on mentorship, seminary, and connection with Christ

Stream Now Listen & Subscribe iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher Show Intro This is my favorite episode of The Growing Pastor podcast yet. I'm joined today by my brother and friend, Cam Triggs. Cam is a church planting resident with The Summit Network preparing to plant...

Eric Geiger on Personal Assessment

Welcome to the debut episode of The Growing Pastor podcast! I'm excited to have Eric Geiger of LifeWay Christian Resources joining me as my very first guest.  In this episode, Eric and I discuss the discipline of self-assessment and how new and aspiring pastors can...

Lessons from my first 5 years in ministry

Welcome to a special pre-launch episode of The Growing Pastor podcast.  In this episode, I share some encouragement and advice that I've picked up on my first five years in ministry. Listen Online Mentioned In This Episode The Call to Ministry - Dr. Al Mohler Spurgeon...

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