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Show Intro

This is my favorite episode of The Growing Pastor podcast yet. I’m joined today by my brother and friend, Cam Triggs. Cam is a church planting resident with The Summit Network preparing to plant a brand new church in Orlando, FL this spring called Grace Alive.

It was such a pleasure to have Cam on the show. I’ve been blessed to get to know Cam and his family through our small group. He’s been a friend and encouragement through what’s been a challenging time in my ministry, and I think this podcast could be a great encouragement for you, too.

In this episode, Cam and I talk about mentorship, the pros and cons to going to seminary, ministering from a place of connection with Christ and more.


1:08 – Cam’s ministry story and early life
2:40 – How God used music to introduce him to the gospel
3:41 – How the faithful witness of a security guard brought cam to faith
7:27 – How Cam’s mentoring experience fueled his passion for ministry
10:46 – How seminary prepared Cam to be a pastor and leader
13:27 – Finding the balance between theological education and connection to Christ
16:07 – What Cam learned as a student pastor
16:58 – The importance of serving in your local church
18:20 – How God uses your current season of ministry to prepare you for where he is leading you
19:25 – Debunking the “mentor myth” – how mentoring actually works in the body of Christ
22:00 – The importance of being a disciple maker
24:03 – Cam and Rob talk about church planting
24:22 – How God called Cam into church planting and how he confirmed and clarified that call
27:23 – How does an aspiring pastor get started in church planting?
30:08 – What do you do if your church doesn’t plant churches?
31:57 – Rob talks about what to do when your pastors say “not yet.”
33:37 – Ministering from a place of connection, not competence
35:45 – How Cam learned to minister from connection
37:28 – How to build an accountability structure for your ministry
39:40 – Cam’s favorite blogs or podcasts for growing as a leader and a pastor
40:05 – The most influential advice Cam has received as a ministry leader
40:20 – What Cam knows now that he wishes he knew at the beginning of his ministry


6:45 – “When you go first, it gives the person you’re sharing the gospel with the chance to go second.”
12:01 – “Training is required. Seminary may not be.”
17:15 – “Jesus isn’t coming back for a seminary. He’s coming back for his Church.”
22:20 – “[Discipleship] isn’t always mentor-to-mentee. A lot of times, it’s mutual discipleship that takes place.”
26:25 – “[Church planting] isn’t about a lone ranger going out by himself and people being drawn to his personality. It’s about developing other leaders.”
38:45 – “We need to realize that Scripture – the bread of life – is where we go to meet God, not to please God.”


Below are some of the links and resources that we mentioned in this episode.

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Cam Triggs

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