Have you ever made excuses for something that you knew you should do, but you just didn’t want to?

“I really should work out more, but I’m not going to stick with it anyway, so why bother?”

“I should share my faith more, but no one likes a bible-thumper.”

“I should ask that homeless man if he needs a hot meal, but he’s probably just a drunk.”

Isn’t it funny how excuses are just that–excuses?  They’re artificial roadblocks that we create for ourselves when, deep down, we just don’t really feel like doing something.  Rather than acting in faith, we come up with all sorts of reasons why we shouldn’t do something.

Moses made excuses

In Exodus chapter 3, God calls Moses to return to Egypt to lead His people out of slavery.

“Who should I say sent me?” he responds.

“I AM WHO I AM,” said the Lord.

“But they won’t believe me,” Moses retorted.

“I’ll give you signs to prove your authority, and they’ll believe you,” said the Lord.

“But I can’t speak clearly; I have a speech impediment,” he complained.

“I’m the one who gave it to you.  Go anyway,” said the Lord.

“Oh, my Lord, please send someone else.”

Moses wasn’t trusting that God would work through him; Moses was trusting in His own ability.  And he was absolutely right–if the deliverance of God’s people depended on Moses’ raw ability, they would be doomed.  But God chose Moses and promised to work through him to deliver the people of Israel.

What are your excuses?

Where are you trusting in your own ability rather than relying on the supernatural ability of God in you to accomplish the task?  What excuses have you offered to God for why you can’t obey Him in the task to which you’ve been called?  Where have you run out of excuses and finally threw in the towel saying, “God, I just don’t want to.  Choose someone else!”

God uses these moments to develop our faith and our character, and He desires our obedience even when the task in front of us looks insurmountable.  In order to follow Him, we must learn to trust that He will give us the ability to accomplish the task that he has put before us.

How is God testing your faith today?  Will you trust Him and rise to the challenge?

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