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Over the past 18 months, I’ve had the privilege of serving with and learning from Josh Miller, a pastor at The Summit Church and Director of Assessment with The Summit Network. I’ve learned a ton from Josh and I’m stoked to have him on the show to share some of his knowledge and passion for developing leaders with you.  In this episode, we talk about what leadership development looks like for new and aspiring pastors, how to develop spiritual vitality in the life of the leader, and an exciting opportunity for you to get intensive, hands-on ministry training through The Summit Church.

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Show Highlights

1:32 – Josh shares the highlights of his minstry story
4:12 – Rob asks Josh about leadership development
4:48 – Josh describes a holistic approach to leadership development, including head, heart, and hands
7:32 – How does a young leader get started in a leadership development pipeline?
9:40 – How young leaders rise up out of small groups and volunteer teams
12:16 – Common milestones that young leaders can look for as they grow
15:33 – Challenges that leaders experience during the leadership development process
20:08 – Advice for leaders who are frustrated with the pace of their leadership development
23:45 – Spiritual vitality in the life of the leader
27:18 – Josh discusses what he’s learning about spiritual disciplines
31:20 – How to learn from other Christians to help you grow in areas where you’re weak
33:41 – Josh shares an exciting opportunity to get hands-on ministry training

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