Last week, I wrote a post about improving your life by taking one little step at a time.

What I didn’t mention is that it was inspired by someone who blindsided me with gratitude.  It was exactly what I needed to give me a second wind and keep me going in a time when I was starting to believe that I was on the wrong path.

In this post, I’m going to show you how, with every little thing that you do to help someone else, you’re impacting more people than you can imagine.

Stop.  Smell roses.

I’ve been feeling totally insecure about my work for the past couple of months.

Back in November, I launched The Lifestyle MBA program to help people start tiny businesses that helped them live their best lives possible.

At the end of December, it seemed like everyone had lost interest, and I felt like it was me who wasn’t good enough.  So I put the program on hold and started having personal conversations with everyone to try and put my finger on what exactly I was doing wrong.

That’s when a DJ in Greenville, NC blew my mind.

I was chatting on Skype with brotherSouL, one of the folks I invited to join the program as an inaugural member.  His dream is to travel the world, collaborating with musicians all around the globe to help them share their art.

I asked him, “What are you finding most valuable about The Lifestyle MBA?”

His response:

The program opened my mind, man.  I feel so trapped in this traditional mindset.  Connecting with you and going back over notes from the classes have helped me hone in some out-the-box things that, to this point, I’ve thought pointless because it didn’t seem feasible.  I’ve changed my paradigm about how I can do what I want to do… and why.

I was like, “Holy crap…”  I had no idea.  In an instant, I was inspired again.  I had not a doubt in my mind that I was on the right track.  That comment was the empowerment that I needed to go forth and help even more people see the world differently.

I had never, in a million years, considered that what seemed so mundane to me was impacting others in such a meaningful way.

We all have things that are second nature to us.  For me, it’s this sort of thing…  Working with folks to help them do awesome stuff.  I ask hard questions.  I make people’s brains hurt.

I help people think so radically differently about their lives that their entire worldview changes.

But you can never really gauge the impact that you’re having on another human being until you get feedback. When you’re doing what you love, money isn’t a just reward.  Instead, gratitude is the currency on which we thrive, the fuel that keeps us going and gets us out of bed in the morning.

And I never would have known if I didn’t take the time to ask.

I would like you to do two things with this story.

First, I want you to stop what you’re doing–right now–and let someone know how much of an impact that they have had on your life.  It is the greatest reward that you can give someone.

Second, I want you to go to the people who you serve–either with your business or with your job–and ask them what value that you provide.  What I’ve learned is that there are many people out there who sit quietly on the sidelines, taking in what you have to offer but not speaking up.  Those are the people who you are impacting the most.  It’s your job to check in on them.

Who have you had an impact on today?

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